About us

Novogal a.s. is Slovakian company with tradition of more than 50 years. Novogal is specialized in production of poultry products – chicken eggs and broiler chickens.

  • Dvory nad Žitavou - Hlboká cesta 1421
  • Bratislava - Hraničná 16
  • Nové Zámky - Bitúnková 10/A
  • Šurany - SNP 17/A
  • Levice - Jurská 1/A
  • Levice - Jilemnického 7


Novogal sells big part of its production of chicken eggs through its sales association

Tradition in production

Annual production of Novogal a.s. consists of 4000 t of broiler meat, 450 000 breaded chickens and 180 000 000 chicken eggs. This level of our production puts us at leading places among poultry producers in Central Europe. Novogal stands on sovereign first place in production of chicken eggs in Slovakia

Our products

Traditional Line


Broiler chickens are fed in two locations with final count of 23 halls. Yearly we pledge of 2400 chickens, with production of 4 000 t. Processing of whole production takes place in poultry manufactures of HYZA company.


Novogal a.s. produces 180 000 000 eggs per year. Hens are breeded in cage and aviary technologies made by Big Dutchman and Kovobel company. Eggs are picked by automatic system from halls straight to egg sorting machine Staalkat (by SANOVO company) and Diamond. This machine sorts eggs into weight classes and packs them into specific packaging. According to demmands of our customers it can be 6, 10, 20, 30 or 60 pieces. Besides traditional chicken eggs Novogal produces – as the only one in Slovakia - also eggs with higher content of Omega 3 - fatty acids called „vajcia Omega“.

You can order fresh eggs by phone: +421 902 943 408 or by email: novogal@novogal.sk.

Omega eggs

with higher content of Omega 3 - fatty acids

These eggs have higher content of Omega 3 – fatty acids and that is why they have positive effects for human health. It prevents cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases like arthritis or arteriosclerosis. Nutritional value of Omega eggs has higher level of quality. We produce Omega eggs as the only company in Slovakia.

We produce Omega eggs as the only company in Slovakia. GMO free.

Cereal Eggs

They are special thanks to the unique feeding mix, which contains at least 5 species of grain.

We are proud owners of Quality Mark SK, which is guarantee, that you are buying high quality slovak product.